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Maya Sen, organizer of BSG, has come to America in search of financial help for an orphanage she runs. After three months in America, she has raised a total of $0. Please read on and spread the word!

Nepal is the 18th poorest country in the world, where disease and malnutrition are prevalent. Bal Sewa Griha (BSG; http://www.balsewagriha.org/index.html) is an non-religious orphanage in Nepal that hosts children that have been abandoned/orphaned, but they are in dire need of financial aid because they are not funded by the government.

BSG has been running since 1995, but ever since the economic downfall in 2008, they have had trouble funding for children’ educational and living costs. Currently, they live in a run-down building because they have been unable to complete the construction due to financial problems. It has an unsteady foundation without a roof, filled with window gaps and makeshift walls, making it dangerous to live in. Throughout the day, snakes can also creep into the building. In order to complete the construction of this building, they need $100,000.

This is the unfinished building they live in, clearly still in need of construction.

Educationally, BSG is trying to provide for them, but as the public schools in Nepal are drastically more incompetent than private schools, the organization is trying to fund for each of their kids the chance to continue their education through private schools. Right now, BSG is in debt because they have been unable to pay off previous costs, but as the new school year is coming around, they need to raise an additional $8,000 for ALL of their kids in order to keep them enrolled for another year.

Please help these kids out! I had a chance to meet Maya, and she has such a big heart for them & needs a ton of help. I would love to be able to give these children hope! If a donation is not possible, just reblogging will be great!

Click Here to Donate

Thank you for your time!

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